Membership & Business Opportunity Overview!

Welcome to Lifestyle for Her, I’m Trina Newby founder and Chief Lifestyle Ambassador.  Lifestyle For Her is a new and exciting life enrichment and business opportunity designed for women.

There’s nothing like waking up each day and excited to embrace the world, because you’re living within your purpose!  Through our 2-step system our goal is to provide you with 1). Spiritual, life and wealth enrichment courses and 2). A business opportunity to earn incredible income as a Lifestyle Ambassador!

Below you’ll find detailed information about our program.  Make sure you click the link and join today!

Are You Ready to Accomplish Your Dreams & Goals?

Do You Believe in Motivating & Encouraging Other Women?

Do You Believe That Women Should Live Their Best Lives Now?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you’ve joined millions of women who are ready to take control of their lives and create the dream life they want now!

Lifestyle For Her Is For You!

Our member benefits include:

  • Daily Motivational Text Messages
  • Weekly Motivation Podcast
  • Monthly Life Enrichment Course
  • Quarterly Lifestyle Plan Worksheet
  • Lifestyle for Her VIP Retreats
  • Lifestyle for Her Conference
  • Lifestyle for Her Ambassador Opportunity

 Support to Live Your Best Life Now!

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up each morning and know that you have a support system that is ready to help you live your best life and provide you with an opportunity to start earning an income quickly?


It’s Affordable – Only $27 Monthly!

We’ve made the Lifestyle For Her Membership extremely affordable at less than $1 per day – that’s only $27 monthly!  We’ve set this price point because we want all women no matter their income status to be able to take advantage of this exciting and life enhancing experience and movement.  It’s time for women to truly empower one another!


You’ll Enjoy Being A Lifestyle Ambassador!

A Lifestyle Ambassador motivates, encourages and inspires other women to Live Their Best Lives!  You’ll earn monthly residual commissions by sharing the Lifestyle For Her Program through our signature Lifestyle Socials, one-on-one connections, at church, work, school, while out shopping or going about your day.  We’ll provide you with incredible training and support to get started quickly.

Start Earning Quickly With Our 90-Day Quick Start System!

As a Lifestyle Ambassador, you can earn hundreds and even thousands monthly in residual commission when you refer members to the program and when they refer members through 5 affiliate levels.
You’ll be able to enhance your lifestyle, enjoy your family, travel and connect with incredible people around the world, take incredible vacations, buy that new car, home or whatever you want your Lifestyle Plan to be!
Using the chart below, refer your first 12 members within 30 days and teach each one to do the same.  Watch your income grow as you empower other women!
You’ll earn $5 residual commission for each direct referral on Level 1 and an additional $10 is paid out through 4 additional levels for the lifetime of each membership.