Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker, author, and coach shares a most inspiring, up close and get real personal story about hitting her “rock-bottom” and what she had to do to bring herself up and accomplish her dream!

Eleven dollars and forty-two cents is all she had when she looked for money, because she needed to buy diapers for her son.  The turning point came when she had to wrap a towel around him for two days.  She says, she remembers saying with her hands on her son’s stomach, “Don’t worry baby, mommy will never be this broke or broken again”.  It was that day that a shift began for her and she says “I was willing to completely die to any form of me that I had been, so that I could birth the woman that I was becoming.”.

Lisa goes on to share that one of the reasons why most people won’t become who they want to be is because they are attached to who they have always been.  She was willing to let go of everything and everybody.  She said, “You can rescue everyone before you rescue yourself.”  She was willing to be her own rescue!

Here are some of the things that Lisa did to get to that next level:

  • She killed her ego everyday
  • She went to the same training 42 times
  • She was willing to set at the hem of others to learn
  • She looked a her toxic behaviors and eliminated them
  • As she made more, she was willing to invest in herself
  • She wrote a check to herself with a note: “Funding My Dream”
  • Each day she got in the mirror and she completed 3 sentences:
    • “Lisa, I’m forgive you for ______”
    • “Lisa, I’m proud of you for _______”
    • “Lisa, I commit to you that _______”

Every woman can get something from this inspiring story.  Whether you’re broke and don’t know where your next dollar is coming from, you’re in an abusive relationship, you’re trying to figure out your purpose, you’re in a negative environment or you’re ready to have your very own shift – this story will encourage and inspire you to make a positive move!

Source: This motivational life story was uploaded on Youtube by BeInspired



Lisa Nichols
Shares Her Story!

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