One of my most joyful experiences has been participating in the communities in which I live.  I learned that living life is more than just about me and if I was to be a living testimony, I needed to become involved in a meaningful way.  Below, see a few ways you can become involved in your community:

Your Inner Circle 

The first community you encounter and the one you spent most of your time in is your very own inner circle. By living more purposefully and more intentionally, you’ll have the most influence on this one. It’s your inner circle that’s comprised of your family and close friends. These are the people you spend the most time with. It may also include your co-workers. This is the community you should focus on first. Start making a difference with the people you’re closest to. 

Your Local Community 

Your next step will be your local community. It’s amazing how much change you can affect here when you put your mind to it. Let’s say you want to live a life where you’re more aware of the impact you have on your environment. You shop smarter, recycle and reuse more at home. From there you can branch out into your local community and encourage positive change. Start a community garden and encourage people to recycle more. Get involved with communal policy that focuses on environmental efforts. Join the organizations that are already present within your own local community. 

Finding Your Niche In The Global Community 

One of the amazing things about being alive today is how connected we are. The Internet, mass communication, and fast travel make it possible to connect with people from all around the world. We all do it to some extent. Some of us work in global companies that get us in touch with team members who live in different countries or come from different cultures. We may even connect with people online who enjoy the same hobbies. 

We also do more traveling today than ever before which of course exposes us to different ways of living and different cultures. We watch TV shows and movies from various different parts of the world. We have in fact become a global community and that gives us a unique opportunity. As a result, living purposefully and taking part in online groups and global efforts can bring about change that affects the global community as well.  That’s amazing isn’t it?