“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah Winfrey

Do you believe in accomplishing your dreams and goals now rather than in the distant future?  Over the generations, many women have embraced the belief that you must work a 9 to 5 and wait for the ripe old retirement age (who knows what that really is) and only then can you enjoy the “Golden Life”.  Well, that’s simply not true!  Unfortunately, so many have bought into that habit that they hold themselves back from enjoying a fruitful and adventurous life.

I can remember listening to my mom as she talked with her girlfriends on the phone and I would hear her share all of the beautiful places she would visit and things she would do once she retired. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I often wondered why did she feel she had to wait.  Perhaps she was following a tradition or perhaps she felt she needed to complete raising her children before she could do some of the things that she could enjoy or maybe she just didn’t have the money and retirement to her meant she might have the money then.  Whatever the reason, my mom didn’t get a chance to travel as much and while she did do many things – she was disappointed at not being able to see some of the places she had heard and dreamed about.

One of the most profound things that she said to me before her transition was “Tina, live your life now and do the things that you want to do”.  I truly took that to heart and that wise advice caused me to take a  look at my daily activities, what I was involved with and ask myself the question, “Am I pursuing my dreams and goals?”.

You see, there’s no time like now to start pursuing the things that matter most to you.  Whether it’s to write a book, become a speaker, travel the world, become a chef, start a singing career, start a business, start a non-profit or volunteer in your community – if it’s important to you, you  must do it now and not wait, because you must strive to “Live Your Best Life Now!”.

Being a mentor and coach to hundreds of women over the years, I’ve come to understand that as women, we often put others before ourselves and we often dream of accomplishing many things, but never really take action on them.  Oftentimes, our belief that we can really have what we dream of is distorted and past experiences, naysayers and environments cause us to develop a false fear and in turn that causes procrastination.  This is why it’s not uncommon to find women who have the same dreams and goals for 5, 10, 20 years or more and they have not pursued them.

So, what needs to happen to help women move forward even more with Living Their Best Life?  Well, through much prayer and clarity I myself have stepped out of the box to develop a program that not only is centered around personal and life development, but it helps women to focus on one of the most important things in life – themselves”.

This program is called, “Lifestyle For Her” and it focuses on women, setting their goals every 90-days, encouraging one another, having access to tools and resources to accomplish them.  Because 70% of most goals set require some type of funding, the program also provides women with an incredible income as Lifestyle Ambassadors.  They are able to share the program, earn a commission and have the money to fund whatever it is they want to do and empower other women at the same time!

I have taken to heart the advice my mom gave me and I am truly Living My Best Life, spending more time with family, doing the simple things like getting more rest, drinking more water, planning more travel time and empowering women to do the same.

Trina Newby is business consultant, success coach and motivational speaker. She is the founder of WomenAboutBiz.net and Chief Lifestyle Ambassador at Lifestyle For Her.