Introducing the Lifestyle Planning Worksheet!

The Lifestyle Planning Worksheet is all about placing the focus on yourself and what you want to experience within a 90-day time frame.  It is not meant to replace other goals that you  might want to already have in place or want to accomplish.  This worksheet is designed to help you stay clear on just 3 goals that you would like to experience for yourself, so it should be all about your needs and what you want!

Sometimes creating annual goals or even 3 and 5 year goals can make it seem so distant that there’s no motivation to actually accomplish these type of long-term goals.  At Lifestyle For Her, we want to encourage, motivate and provide you with tools and resources to see your goals to the finish line.

[Click here to download PDF Worksheet!]

Step #1 | Get In A Quiet Place to Brainstorm

Start by scheduling yourself some “quiet time” to think about things you want to do.  Play some soft music, grab your favorite beverage and note pad and get started.  Think about urgent needs, money you need, places you want to travel, self-care, or  items you want to purchase etc.

Step #2 | Prioritize

Now, you might find that you have a huge list of things listed and if so, simply prioritize the top 3 things for the quarter.  It’s important not to overwhelm yourself and try to do everything you listed.  As you get use to completing the worksheet, you’ll notice that you have more clarity and focus.

Step #3 | Write Your Affirmation

On the worksheet there is a space for you to write your 1-sentence affirmation for the quarter.  This is simply a positive statement that you create to motivate yourself.  Once written, you can also write it on 3×5 index cards and place them in areas you’re likely to see it. (e.g., bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car dashboard, taped to the inside of your planner.  If you’re a techie, you can even create it as a graphic and use it as a screensaver on your phone.

Step #4 | List 3 Things You Would Like to Accomplish In 90 Days

Again, review the list you came up with during your brainstorming session and select the 3 things you would like to experience within the next 90 days.

There will be 3 boxes for each of your goals along with a space to enter when you would like to accomplish it by, tasks, money needed, challenges and solutions.

Sometimes a goal can’t be worked on or completed, because there is a challenge that must be worked through and a solution must be found.  An example of this might be that you need to rent a larger house, but you need the down payment, moving expenses etc.  So, you’ll need to come up a solution.  One way might be to look at how you can increase your commission as a Lifestyle Ambassador by using the 90-day quick-start system.

Note: As you write your tasks down for each goal, please remember to schedule the tasks in your calendar along

Step #5 | Taking Care of Me!

What are some things you need to start doing to take care of yourself?  When is the last time you had a pedicure or really slept in? Had a bubble bath lately? What about exercise (simply walking will do)?  Have you had your mammogram or physical this year?

In the space allotted on your worksheet, reflect and  write down your thoughts on taking care of yourself.

By completing the Lifestyle Planning Worksheet, you’ll be off to a good start on focusing on your needs and accomplishing your personal goals!