Affirmation: “I am love and I am free from anything that holds me back from being me.  Let the love of God live within me forever!”

What holds you back from being the you that blesses others with your knowledge and talent? What rumbles inside of you and won’t let you alone, because you were meant to be more and do more? It’s the spirit within you. It wants to guide you to true freedom!

While there are many definitions of freedom in the dictionary, the Bible says the true way to freedom is through Jesus Christ. John 8:36 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” – NIV

To have real freedom is to know that you are free from fear, free from worrying about what others think, free from worrying about not enough money, free from naysayers, free from the negative, and FREE TO BE YOU!

You see, you are love and created out of love and it is that very love, the love of God that resides within you. When you’re free to feel that love – you no longer have fear to do the things that you purpose in your heart.

When you know and believe that God loves you and you are love, you’ll begin to take on a whole new YOU. One that walks differently, talks differently and takes action differently!

Reclaim your freedom, hold on to it and hold on to the one that gave it to you – God the Father!


Enjoy Kierra Sheard and her beautiful praise song, FREE!