Welcome to Lifestyle For Her!

Hi, it’s Trina your Chief Lifestyle Ambassador. I’m excited that you’re visiting our website to learn more about our program and income opportunity!

Lifestyle For Her (LFH) is for those women who know and understand that when we work together towards a common goal, we become a powerful force! It’s about women empowering one another to live rich and abundant lives.

Now, It’s not all just about money, but it’s also about helping women gain the knowledge to use their supernatural power that God gave to all of us. It’s about restoring faith and believing that you were meant for greatness!


It’s Time for Women to Stop Struggling!

Let’s face it, many women no matter their income level are struggling in different areas of their lives. They bought into the system that you go to college or get a trade and work for 20 to 30 years and then you can enjoy your golden years. So as a result of this buy-in, women are use to saying what they are one day going to do, instead of living the lives they want now.

No woman should have to work for 20 to 30 years before she can experience a better lifestyle, no woman should have give up her dreams and goals, no woman should have to just dream about traveling and experiencing the finer side of life, no woman should have to worry about where her next dollar is coming from to put food on the table!

So, at LFH our mission is to provide you with the information, tools and resources to accomplish your dreams and goals and an income opportunity to Make It Happen sooner than later!

 Our 2020-2021 Vision is to:

  • Empower 10,000 women with incredible monthly referral commission of $1500 or more!
  • To enroll 20,000 women in the My Life Purpose Challenge.
  • Provide an online Learning Center for women to access spiritual, wealth and life enhancement courses 24/7.
  • Establish a foundation to provide needed food, shelter and clothing to families in need.
  • Take our first Lifestyle Trip to Dubai (October 2020)
  • Host our first annual Lifestyle For Her Conference (March 2021)

Join the Movement, Pursue Your Dreams & Goals & Empower Other Women!