“I’d rather be wealthy mentally any day than rich with no mental ability to recreate financial wealth.

– T. Newby

It’s been more than 20 years now that I’ve learned the power of mental wealth and all of its benefits. I’ve not always applied what I learned, but as I got older I soon realized the the need for this mental ability even more.

Mental wealth is one’s ability to eliminate the habits of negative thinking, negative self-doubt and fear and embrace positive life changing habits and actions that result in a number of positive emotions and experiences including: joy, abundance, peace, happiness, and supportive relationships to name a few.

To be mentally wealthy means that you could lose any material possession including money and gain it all back and more because of your ability to bounce back in a positive manner mentally. It means that you do not place material wealth as a priority over your mental ability to create all types of wealth.

It also means that your daily state of mind is at a constant calmness and you’re always seeking new and creative ways to accomplish your dreams and goals – the lack of money, people and environments are never as excuses.

Below are 3 Ways to Start Claiming Your Wealth!

1) Identify and eliminate habits that are preventing you from accomplishing your dreams and goals. This is not a simple process, but you just start with one defeating habit at a time. Make a plan of how you will eliminate each habit, identify challenges to the elimination process and how you will overcome them.

2) Release the negative things around you. Look around you and find the joy in the material things you have now, release any negative relationships, remove yourself from environments that are harming you and feeding negatively into your well-being.

3) Embrace your ability to have mental wealth each morning by feeding yourself with positive words, thoughts and dreams and visions.